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AWS Certified SAP on AWS Specialty

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This course will teach you AWS from the ground up and provide a detailed overview of all its key services required to handle SAP workloads on AWS. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of what AWS is, what its many services are all about, and how you can use them to migrate, implement, and manage your SAP applications on the AWS cloud.


AWS, the top public cloud platform, and SAP, a leading provider of enterprise application software, combine to optimize businesses. Running SAP on AWS offers flexibility and value. The AWS Certified SAP on AWS Specialty certification validates expertise in handling SAP workloads on AWS. This course covers all aspects of SAP on AWS, empowering learners to excel in this domain.

SAP Cloud Platform


Analytics and Reporting

IoT and Big Data

Application Development

Data Management


-Understand AWS Fundamentals.

-Architect scalable and resilient SAP on AWS.

-Deploy SAP workloads using AWS resources.

-Implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions.

-Enhance security and compliance for SAP on AWS.

-Optimize performance and monitoring.


-Basic IT knowledge

-SAP and AWS Professionals who intend to handle SAP workloads on AWS

-Anyone who wants to pass the AWS Certified SAP on AWS Specialty Certification

-Anyone who wants to learn the AWS cloud and get an overview of all key AWS services

Skills Covered

SAP Basis Administration

AWS Fundamentals

Cloud Architecture


Integration with SAP Tools


Skills Covered


-Cloud Architects

-IT Managers and Directors

-Solutions Architects

-System Integrators and AWS Partners

-AWS Cloud Engineers

-SAP Consultants and Administrators

This is a hands-on course – we are going to learn by doing

All course slides available for download

Key Features


-High Availability



-Disaster Recovery

-Cost Optimization


-Integration: Seamless integration with SAP tools and applications.

-Scalability: Seamless resource scaling based on demand.

-High Availability: Reliable, automatic failover with global infrastructure.

-Security & Compliance: Robust security features and certifications.

-Global Reach: Low latency deployment near end-users.

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2023-Oct-16 09:00 - 2023-Nov-13 13:00

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Module 1 : Introduction to AWS and SAP

- Overview of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and SAP

- Benefits of running SAP on AWS

-Common SAP on AWS use cases

Module 2 : AWS Fundamentals

- Core AWS services and their functionalities

- AWS regions, availability zones, and global infrastructure

Module 3 : SAP Architecture on AWS 

- Architectural considerations for SAP workloads on AWS

- Designing a scalable and resilient SAP architecture

Module 4 : Networking for SAP on AWS 

- AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) concepts

- Subnets, route tables, and security groups for SAP systems

Module 5 : SAP HANA on AWS 

- Deploying and managing SAP HANA on AWS

- Best practices for SAP HANA workloads


-Fundamentals of AWS and Cloud Computing

-AWS global infrastructure, its architecture, and best practices

-Comprehensive hands-on learning with AWS services for SAP workloads, including VPC, EC2, EBS, S3, IAM, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, and more.

-Install and setup SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cockpit to run on the AWS Cloud

-VPC networking patterns for SAP on AWS workloads

-High Availability and Disaster Recovery patterns for SAP on AWS workloads. And much more!


Completion of course provides necessary knowledge:

-To become an SAP consultant to work with SAP Extension Suite products and tools

-To attempt "SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Extension Suite" exam certification


Once you successfully complete the SAP BTP Extension course, bSkilling will provide you with an industry- recognized course completion certificate which will have a lifelong validity.



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